Please watch this video so you know how to get your Rumble RSS feed.  Your rumble link is insufficient to feed our TV Channel.

(Please note, that you will need the Rumble Pro Starter Package to get access to these feeds.  This is 25.00/month.

In the video I say the 10 dollar a month works, but I was wrong!

This is paid to rumble, and has nothing to do with us.   So, 25.00 a month will get you on Roku, Amazon Fire stick, and Apple TV.  ON top of that, we are going to build our own Freedom Stick that will work like a Roku, or Fire Stick, to ensure that we defeat censorship.  We do all the marketing, all the tech work, affiliate recruitment, for you at 0 cost for you.  The only cost is the 25.00/month to Rumble.  In Phase 3 of our launch, we will show you how to earn much more than that by promoting this channel)

You are minutes away from being on multiple streaming TV platforms.

Video length 2 minutes and 49 seconds

All incorrect entries, will NOT be added to our TV Channel.  Read every word on this page, and follow the instructions in the video.

Please note also that Rumble sometimes delays access after your upgrade to Pro Starter, and if you have upgraded and cannot access your OTT/RSS feeds as shown in the video, it usually redirects to Rumble Player.  On that page, click on sign in, and you will auto sign in.  From there open a ticket and ask them to make sure your account is upgraded to access to OTT/RSS feeds.

Important!!  If the link you are entering in the RSS feed field below does not end in roku.json you do not have the right link for us to add your rumble channel to our tv channel.  Watch the video above to make sure you give us the right link.

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